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Pizza Experience

“The traditional art of the Neapolitan pizza maker” has been recognized as part of the cultural heritage of humanity, transmitted from generation to generation and continuously recreated, capable of providing the community with a sense of identity and continuity.
It is a culinary phase that includes various phases, including the preparation of the dough, the silhouetting (the way in which the loaves are prepared), the dent (the way in which the pizza is spread in the typically Neapolitan way), seasoning and cooking in a wood oven.
This experience is designed for those who love pizza and want to put their hands in the dough to discover the secrets of his traditional preparation. The course is held in a pizzeria (the location changes according to customer needs and space requirements): it starts with a small theoretical lesson and ends by baking and enjoying a pizza with a special ingredient: the unmistakable taste of what you have prepared with your own hands!

pizza experience - galleria 1
pizza experience - galleria 2
pizza experience - galleria 3
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