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Live like a local in Romagna: only by immersing yourself in the soul of the territory will you be able to discover the secrets of the Romagna piadina recipe!

As Giovanni Pascoli already claimed, piadina is the “national food of the Romagna people”, strongly linked to the territory, traditions and customs. A simple food that over the centuries has unified and identified the people of Romagna. To celebrate this bond, on the occasion of the Fiera di San Martino, the ancient fair held in Santarcangelo di Romagna every 11 November, the Palio della Piadina is organized, a challenge between the fierce “azdore” of the country who compete for the title of queen of piadina that above all intend to keep the value of tradition alive and pass it on to new generations. So let’s go and meet one of these” azdore” that will allow us to prepare the piadina with her only if we can show her that we have really captured the soul of the territory.
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