Top 5 most beautiful Italian beaches recommended by Primopiano Viaggi

In recent years, we have accompanied several groups throughout Italy and have discovered real treasures off the beaten path that have truly enchanted us. Today we share with you more secluded Italian beaches that will appeal to nature and tranquility lovers. From hidden coves to black sand beaches, from beaches nestled in national parks, here is our selection of our favorite beaches.

Maratea in Basilicata
It’s a little piece of the world nestled in the hollow of steep cliffs that reveals numerous beaches and coves with crystal-clear waters, all different from each other but sharing the preservation of an intact and wild natural beauty. Among the most emblematic is the volcanic beach of Cala Jannita, nicknamed the “Spiaggia Nera” (Black Beach) because of its black sand. Fiumicello Beach is the most popular in Maratea, known for its fine sand and calm, crystal-clear waters. But you have to explore the coast to find tiny and very pretty coves separated by rocks. Don’t miss visiting the charming village of Maratea and its fishing port, not forgetting its Christ the Redeemer, the emblem of Maratea perched at 624 meters altitude on Mount San Biagio.

The Beaches of  Pantelleria Island
It’s a fascinating and mysterious island halfway between Tunisia and Sicily. An ancient volcanic island, Pantelleria offers an unforgettable seaside experience with incredible beaches with pure waters. Here there are no real beaches with white sand, but wild rocky bays created by volcanic activity that surround the entire island, forming spectacular natural pools throughout its territory. The beach of Balata dei Turchi, at the south of the island, is a must-see, a bit more difficult to access but it offers a unique experience, with spectacular underwater landscapes, in addition to the underwater view of the stratified rocks. Easily accessible on foot, Bue Marino Alto Beach is a very beautiful beach with lava stones a few hundred meters from the village of Pantelleria. If the sea is calm, you can also dive directly into the sea from the cliff. From north to south, Pantelleria’s beaches will charm swimming enthusiasts who will find clear waters and a rich marine life.

Fiorenzula di Focara in Marche
In the province of Pesaro and Urbino,  nestled within the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park, you will find the Fiorenzula di Focara beach. It’s a beach that is worth the effort as its access is mainly on foot. You have to start from the magnificent medieval village of Fiorenzuola di Focara and descend the steep cliff surrounded by lush vegetation for about 20 to 35 minutes. While the descent is relatively easy, the ascent requires a bit more resources. But what joy to swim on this wild beach with clear and limpid water. Don’t forget your parasol or do as the locals do, who use the numerous driftwoods of the beach to build small huts with a sheet to protect them from the sun. Hikers can also explore the numerous trails of the Monte San Bartolo Natural Park.

Dunes of Campomarino in Puglia
The dunes of Campomarino are hills of white sand enriched by luxuriant greenery! The dunes are located in Maruggio, in the province of Taranto, in the territory of the homonymous fraction of Campomarino. These are dune hills that extend over more than 40 hectares, with heights reaching up to 12 meters. A wonderful place where sea and maquis integrate in perfect balance, creating a truly magical place. From the main road, there are several footbridges that lead directly to the beach where you will find clear and crystalline waters and fine white sand.

Cala di Forno in Tuscany
Cala di Forno Beach is located in the region of Tuscany, Italy. Access to Cala di Forno is only on foot or by boat as it is a very protected area that houses exceptional biodiversity. Visitors can take a picturesque trail that crosses the Mediterranean scrub and will find upon arrival this wild and isolated beach that houses a variety of seabirds including the majestic peregrine falcon. It is also the haunt of wild animals such as deer, foxes, wild boars.