Primopiano Viaggi

Primopiano Viaggi is an incoming tour operator specializing in group travel.

Our first priority: to be by your side in the organization of the trip

The experience acquired over more than 25 years working with groups, gives us a thorough knowledge of our business. We are a team of professionals whose strengths materialize in good customer satisfaction, in careful care and management of each activity, in timely and personalized assistance. Our company has always distinguished itself for the attention with which it relates to individuals, parties and customers.



Admin & Finance Director

“Alongside continuous training, I have always cultivated the propensity to work in a team and to fully enjoy experiences that enrich personal experiences. An essential attitude for working in tourism, where the person must be in the foreground.”



Technical & Sales Director

“Almost 30 years of work in the tourism sector have allowed me to understand customer needs in depth. I combine this with a deep passion for travel which leads me to discover and define innovative itineraries, making every travel wish come true.”


Quality Check

“Traveling involves our senses at 360 degrees. It’s something literally indescribable. It is a set of emotions, colours, landscapes and scents that we will keep forever in our hearts, heads and eyes”.


Booking Department

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. The great thing about organized trips is that nothing is left to chance. Everything is studied down to the smallest detail and all you have to do is let yourself be taken by the hand to discover the beauties of the world”.


Booking Department

“When travelling, the best thing is to get lost. When you are lost, plans give away to surprises, and it’s then —and only then— that the journey really begins. Those who do not move, do not notice their chains”.


Sales Department Incoming

“Traveling opens your mind and heart, keeps your body and spirit young by cultivating curiosity and the desire to live new experiences “.


Booking Department / Sales Department Italy

“Traveling has always been a dream since I was little, helping people travel was a wonderful opportunity that has become my job “.


Booking Department / Sales Department Incoming

“A journey does not begin the moment we set off nor does it end the moment we reach our destination. It begins much earlier and never ends, given that the tape of memories continues to run inside even after we have stopped.”



Sales Department Italy

“Travelling is like an encounter with yourself, with others. Travelling to live the present moment, eyes wide open, one breath at a time, let yourself be surprised and fill your eyes, your soul with all the beauty of the world”.



Booking Department

“Every journey is an intense emotion that begins with the idea and planning and which does not end with the end of the journey, but remains cherished in our precious memories”.

Our company is made up of a dynamic group of people who nurture passion for detail, creativity, research for innovative solutions and communicative skills targeted at problem solving; all aspects that are fundamental ingredients of our way of operating.

Our longlasting relationships with our suppliers allow us to manage departures safely and securely, guaranteeing our customers the best level of service. Our financial strength gives us the confidence of our collaborators.

We study each request in order to offer the best customized solution

We pay great attention to customer expectations before, during and after the trip

We guarantee:

We create tailor-made travel itineraries with the care of a handcrafted product, built according to the needs of each customer, with suggestions so as not to miss the must-see places and discover the most unusual and authentic corners of each destination.

Rapid replies to any kind of request

Active collaboration in travel planning

Organization of special itineraries

24-hour assistance during the trip

Our hotels are carefully selected in order to give our customers the best comfort. They are located in the heart of artistic cities or in strategic locations for visiting the sites and for organized excursions to explore the territory.
We offer a wide choice of gastronomical options ranging from top class starred restaurants, to characteristic trattorias and pizzerias, each one able to cater for personalized eating habits, food intolerance and allergies problems and religious beliefs.
Our guides and personnel are qualified professionals with great expertise and knowledge of the area, as well as deep knowledge of the language spoken.

We book tickets directly for major Italian museums and monuments with priority access. We offer on spot transfers for groups arriving by train or plane: bus, ferries, private boats for short trips or cruises. We book, where possible, entrance fees and circulation permits for tourist buses in major Italian cities.